Friday Q&A, pt. 3: Food stuff

Whoa. OK. I’ve had so many sandwiches in Nassau County. I want to say it’s my own eponymous sandwich — Berg’s Pepper Barge — from DeBono’s Deli in Rockville Centre where I worked for several years. But I’m pretty sure it’s still the Full Bird from Busco’s, the sandwich that made me love sandwiches.

In my sandwich pursuits, I’ve tried sandwiches from so many places and so many different types of places, but as far as I’m concerned there’s no place more reliable for great sandwiches than a good Long Island deli. Practically everyone from Long Island (and Westchester, for that matter) has one they rave about, but the staples are the same: plentiful Boar’s Head meat, fresh kaiser rolls and Italian hero bread, and — inevitably — some specialty sandwich including a chicken cutlet and bacon that locals rave about. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that some 75 percent of native Long Islanders reading this blog right now can identify by proper name a specialty sandwich from a local deli featuring chicken cutlet and bacon and describe in detail what distinguishes it from the chicken cutlet and bacon sandwiches at other local delis: American or cheddar cheese, Russian dressing or mayo or ranch or honey mustard, garlic bread or plain, etc.

They’re all delicious because it’s a fundamentally delicious combination. I’m partial to Busco’s version because it’s the one I grew up with and because I think they do a particularly good job of it.

It’s the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, regardless of if it’s actually on the menu. Every decent Taco Bell will make one for you when it’s not.

It might just be you. I personally found the fire-roasted sauce a little disappointing, and I find that it doesn’t fill any obvious need in the taco-sauce repertoire. If I’m getting three tacos now, you can bet I’m dressing one with Salsa Verde, one with Hot and one with Fire: Sweet, Savory, Spicy. Not sure I ever felt I wanted to add smoky to that list.

Honestly? No. From what I understand, that lawsuit was mostly frivolous, and even if it wasn’t it probably wouldn’t have stopped me from eating Taco Bell. I eat Taco Bell because it’s delicious, not because I don’t think it’s going to destroy me from the inside. For all I write about it here, I really don’t eat it that often — especially since I’ve left the suburbs. Eating too much Taco Bell is pretty obviously dangerous no matter how they’re preparing their beef, so I try to moderate my Taco Bell consumption accordingly. And I can’t stop ordering ground-beef stuff because the ground-beef stuff is clearly the best.

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