Football players crazy

I don’t know much about Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg, but he snapped the ball nine times with a broken arm yesterday. Also, and more alarmingly/importantly/excitingly, his mom worked for Taser International and he used to test out her company’s products on himself when he was young. Here’s a pretty crazy quote:

Every time they come out with a new one, I’ve tried it. It hurts a lot. It completely incapacitates you. Usually it’s a five-second run time. All your muscles lock up. When we did it, we tried to do it as safely as possible. We’d have two guys stand there so you don’t face-plant. But the second it’s off, it’s off, and you’re like, ‘What did I just do?’ There’s no pain or anything. That’s why I was able to keep going back to it over and over again.

Also of note: I happened to work in Long Beach back in the summer of 1999, when Jets offensive linemen Jumbo Elliott, Jason Fabini and Matt O’Dwyer went on a rampage in a local bar that started because Elliott was peeing in the sink in the woman’s bathroom and someone told him he shouldn’t do that. Anyway, everything I heard was second-hand so don’t file this under good or reasonable reporting so much as local gossip, but the rumor around town was that it took more than 20 cops to control them and that at one point, either Fabini or Elliott was tased to no effect.

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