No more secrets

Extremely vigilant TedQuarters readers might have noticed, in the last few minutes, the brief existence of a post titled “Audio Post” featuring a little play button. I was testing out the site’s new post-by-phone capabilities, which, it turns out, automatically uploads an audio recording of whatever I say when I call a phone number associated with the site. It’s pretty sweet, but I have no idea if or how I will ultimately use that functionality to improve this blog. Suggestions are certainly welcome.

Anyway, if by some chance you played the audio file in the post that existed for no more than a few minutes, you would have heard a recording of me saying, “Hi. My name is Ted Berg. My voice is my passport? Verify me.” That’s pretty much the de facto thing I say whenever an automated system prompts me to say something. It’s weird at the McDonald’s drive-thru but whatever.

That quote, if you’re unfamiliar, comes from the 1992 movie Sneakers starring practically everyone. The man who (sort of) said the line, Stephen Tobolowsky — Werner Brandes in the film and also Needle-nose Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day — has an article at Slate today about, basically, how cool that movie was and what it was like to make such a cool movie. And he’s right: It was a really cool movie. And Sidney Poitier is definitely a handsome man.

Via @EricBien.

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