Taco Bell Tuesday

I almost forgot!

Most importantly: Peter at the So Good Blog reviews — without judgment — Taco Bell’s new Firstmeal offerings and provides some clarity on the mysterious third orangey goo from the Breakfast Crunchwrap photos. He guesses that it’s their rarely used jalapeno sauce — familiar mostly from the chicken and steak quesadillas — and asserts that it provides the flavor both of us wanted in previous Taco Bell breakfast offerings. The whole review is worth a read. Obviously I haven’t had the new products yet so I can’t vouch for them, but this guy’s tastes seem to align so closely with mine that I suspect he’s on the money with it. For what it’s worth: this is my first time stumbling my way to the So Good Blog but I expect I’ll be back. Entertaining and unpretentious.

A look into the future: Commerce City, Colorado is getting a new Taco Bell prototype that is being described as both “upscale” and “a beacon in the night.” Clearly another important step in the Franchise Wars. Check it out:

Flamas Doritos Locos Tacos testing: Toledo, Ohio — where it all started — is now selling the long-speculated new Flamas flavor of Doritos Locos Tacos. Will friend of friend of TedQuarters Nat Cristiano make the drive? Also inside: Word that the biggest hurdle in the creation of the Doritos Locos Taco was “Doritos are triangles, but triangles don’t make good taco shells” and that “it was a true impasse for awhile, one that needed to be resolved by the presidents of both brands directly.” So that’s hilarious. Lastly, Columbus Business First staff reporter Dan Eaton does a good job putting on a suit and smart glasses to look like a business reporter, but something about his hair and beard screams “Fourthmeal Enthusiast.” I guess there’s no reason you can’t be both. You’re all right by me, Dan Eaton. Keep up the good work.

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