The black unicorn explained

Asked in training camp about his speed downfield, Bennett described himself to reporters as a “black unicorn.” Predictably, the name stuck.

Many assumed the label was just another example of Bennett’s eccentricity. In truth, fictitious animals are a staple for Bennett and his wife. The black unicorn is a character in Bennett’s novel — which also includes talking walls and a plot that Bennett will describe only as amazing — while Siggi, originally from California, has a healthy affection for mermaids. This year, Bennett even had a birthday cake made for his wife that featured a likeness of her, complete with a mermaid’s green tail, atop the icing.

Bennett’s den contains a collection of other unusual beings — he recently ordered a Mickey Mouse toy wearing a gas mask.

Sam Borden, N.Y. Times.

Ahhh… every single thing about Martellus Bennett. Please go read this article.

Via Josh.

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