Friday Q&A, pt. 2: Mets stuff

An outfielder and it’s not close. Josh Thole struggled this year but I don’t think the Mets should bail on him quite yet; he’s still only 25, he’s a lefty-hitting catcher, before this season he always got on base at a reasonable clip, and he can catch the knuckleball. None of those qualities is easily replaced. I don’t know if his offensive nosedive this season is related to the concussion or plain old-fashioned randomness, but either way the Mets should keep him around for 2013. Is he a Hall of Famer? No. Is he even an every day big-league catcher? I’m not sure. But with a decent righty-hitting complement (Kelly Shoppach, for example), Thole’s a fine low-cost option behind the plate to allow them to focus their offseason efforts elsewhere.

Like, say, in the outfield. Right now the Mets’ best and arguably only Major League outfielder under contract for 2013 is Mike Baxter. And Baxter’s resume is barely 200 at-bats long. A healthy Kirk Nieuwenhuis should help somehow too. But that’s two and they both hit left-handed. They need to bring in multiple outfielders this offseason.

Yes? No? Maybe? Depends on the deal?

Two reasons: 1) They got our hopes way up and then fell apart, so we had time to reset those expectations. I suspect if they came out of the gate 5-13 like they did last year and had been 67-71 since, we’d be discussing this season in very different terms. But then if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, etc.

2) LOLMets

I don’t know if I can name all of them off the top of my head. Obviously Mike Piazza represents the top of the line for Let’s Go Mets rally-video stars. I know Kevin James’ is terrifying and Chris Rock’s is enjoyable, the caveat being that I find most things Chris Rock does enjoyable. John Cena’s doesn’t really do it for me. I’m not a big pro-wrestling guy and I find the way he’s flexing both distracting and emasculating.

I do wish more of the celebrities could actually nail the appropriate rhythm of the Let’s Go Mets chant. It’s not like it’s hard. Why does Kevin James feel the need to syncopate?

One of the many cool things about R.A. Dickey is that you just know he’s as psyched about Ralph Macchio’s endorsement as we are. I think it’d be cool if Paul Pfeiffer from the Wonder Years came out in support of Dickey too, both because then people would inevitably assume it meant Marilyn Manson was an R.A. Dickey fan and because you have to figure Paul Pfeiffer is true SABR. Turns out the actor is a lawyer in New York now. Could easily be a Dickey fan.

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