The Jets’ offense… oof

Without delving too deeply into glory-days stuff, I’ll say that the last time I saw a football team’s offense look so utterly inept and overmatched, I was in high school. Our first two quarterbacks and two of our starting offensive linemen were hurt and our starting tailback was suspended, and every kid on the opposing New Hyde Park team looked like he was 27 years old and on steroids. We tried to resort to mind games, up to and including having the entire line set up in our stances singing “I’m a Little Teapot” before the snap, but their body games consistently defeated us.

Everything I wrote last week about the pervasive uncertainty and sample-size issues that should dominate football analysis still applies, and I understand that the Niners’ defense appears legit. But yesterday we got 50 more plays’ worth of evidence with which to judge this Jets’ offense, and just about every one them suggested it is awful.

But then they’re still 2-2.


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