Foo Fighters guitar guy Pat Smear looks a little like Edgardo Alfonzo

It seemed more apparent during the Global Citizen citizen concert at Central Park on Saturday, but there’s definitely some resemblance there:

It’s no Kruk/Loaf but I like the comp because they sort of fill similar roles — the “shadow hero,” to quote Gary Cohen’s description of Alfonzo. Remember when Nirvana showed up on Unplugged and there was some fourth guy in Nirvana? And you were like, “hey, who the hell is that guy? He’s pretty good at the guitar.” Then he went on to a short stint with the Foo Fighters, left amicably then returned amicably a few years later because it seems like the Foo Fighters do most everything amicably.

As for that: I’m not a huge fan of the band or anything, but their performance in Central Park was awesome. Turns out if you can maintain a two-decade career as a rock star like Dave Grohl has, you’ve probably got some kind of charisma. Also, Dave Grohl’s got about the most impressive discography of any rock musician there is.

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