Your chance to electrocute David Blaine

David Blaine, the magician and endurance artist, is ready for more pain. With the help of the Liberty Science Center, a chain-mail suit and an enormous array of Tesla electrical coils, he plans to stand atop a 20-foot-high pillar for 72 straight hours, without sleep or food, while being subjected to a million volts of electricity….

When Mr. Blaine performs “Electrified” on a pier in Hudson River Park, the audience there as well as viewers in London, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney, Australia, will take turns controlling which of the seven coils are turned on, and at what intensity. They will also be able to play music by producing different notes from the coils….

“It’s like having your whole body surrounded by static electricity, the kind that makes your hair stand up on end,” Mr. Blaine said afterward. “It doesn’t hurt, but it’s strange. I have no idea what 72 hours of exposure to these electromagnetic forces will do to the electrons in my cells and the neurons in my brain.” One prediction he will make: the 27-pound Faraday suit will feel a lot heavier after a couple of sleepless days standing on a pillar.

 – John Tierney, N.Y. Times.

Why? Just… why?

That said, I’ll probably check this out because Tesla stuff.

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