25 foods you’ll never eat again

Via Brian Erni comes Buzzfeed’s list of discontinued foods, well worth a click if you’re interested in a sugar rush down memory lane.

A couple of notes:

– I was in high school when Surge first came out and I guess as some sort of promotion they inserted into vending machines bottles that contained a tightly wrapped Surge t-shirt and $1.25 in quarters so you could buy another Surge. Only one time, I left class to get a Surge and made it all the way back to my desk before I realized I didn’t have delicious sugary Surge but a crappy t-shirt and some change. Then when I went back to the vending machine, it was all out of Surge.


– That colored ketchup grossed me out. I know ketchup’s colored to be the red that it is, but that’s the color that ketchup is now coded to be. One of my college roommates thought the idea of green ketchup was hilarious and kept buying it, so I had to keep a private stash of the original stuff in the mini fridge in my room. He’s finally going to find out about it now.

– LOL Orbitz.

– I’m pretty certain that the gum formerly known as Gatorgum is now sold as Quench Gum at Modell’s. If it’s not the same exact stuff in a different wrapper, it at least tastes the same: Weird and unpleasantly tangy, but somehow addictive.

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