That’s all, folks

Baseball’s regular season ended last night. Like every season, it was awesome. To boot:

  • Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown.
  • Mike Trout emerged as baseball’s greatest human.
  • The YOLOrioles clinched postseason play for the first time this Willenium. (That’s two pop culture references in one bullet, folks. I AM BLOGGER!)
  • Phil Humber, Matt Cain and Felix Hernandez threw perfect games.
  • Johan Santana, Jered Weaver and Homer Bailey threw no-hitters. No hitter! Mets! Hooray! Also, six Mariners combined on a no-hitter in June.
  • “That’s a clown question, bro.”
  • “Straight to the monkey.”
  • Many other things.

I’ll have a more proper requiem for the Mets’ season either later today or tomorrow, but for now I’ve got a podcast to do, some meetings to attend and a doctor’s appointment.

Oh yeah, a bunch of you have pointed out that Teddy finally won the Presidents Race in Washington. And the Nationals finally won the division. Is that, like, symbolism? Will both prove dominant forces moving forward?

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