We’ve just witnessed 25 percent of history’s worst 40-home run seasons

Per baseball-reference’s spectacular play index, there have only been eight times in baseball history that a player hit at least 40 home runs but posted a park- and league-adjusted OPS+ below 120. Two of them were this season. Here’s the full list:

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
Jose Canseco;46;114;1998;TOR;.237;.318;.518
Greg Vaughn;45;117;1999;CIN;.245;.347;.535
Curtis Granderson;43;116;2012;NYY;.232;.319;.492
Adam Dunn;41;112;2012;CHW;.204;.333;.468
Tony Batista;41;102;2000;TOR;.263;.307;.519
Adam Dunn;40;114;2006;CIN;.234;.365;.490
Vinny Castilla;40;115;1997;COL;.304;.356;.547
Vinny Castilla;40;112;1996;COL;.304;.343;.548

Obviously the park adjustment plays a big role in most cases. Kudos to open-stance hero Tony Batista.

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