Bold Flavors Snack of the Week

Remember this series? It’s back for another football season. This technically could have been a Sandwich of the Week as well, but I didn’t want to rate my own sandwich even if I’m pretty proud of how it came out. Also, I reserve the right to make something similar on an upcoming sandwich show.

Bold Flavors Snack of the Week: The following sandwich. Until I come up with a better name, I’m going to call it the Pork Bomb. This is actually only half of one. The pictures I took of the full thing didn’t come out as well. It was dark in my living room by the time we ate.


1) Go home for your nephew’s first birthday party. Enjoy yourself, eating well. Have your mother send you home with a bunch of her delicious pasta sauce (optional) and some tin-can ricotta* (imperative). Enjoy the pasta sauce with some pasta and ricotta the next night. Save the remaining ricotta.

2) Work and frequently discuss sandwiches with Matt Cerrone. Have Cerrone go to Dante’s, an Italian deli in White Plains you never knew about even though you lived 10 minutes away for three years, get a delicious sandwich there, realize you would probably enjoy the peppery eggplant-tomato “bomb” spread used on the sandwich and bring you some. Start thinking of ways to use the spread.

3) Go to the farmer’s market and get a nice heirloom tomato and some basil. Act now, the tomatoes won’t be in season long. I used a yellow tomato but that’s got to be a personal choice.

4) Go to a grocery store with a good deli. Buy hero bread, hot capicola (sliced thin) and the ingredients for this recipe.

5) Follow this recipe and make that delicious rosemary pork tenderloin. Note that it actually took a lot longer to cook than the recipe said it would. Use a thermometer to avoid botulism.

6) While the pork is cooling, split and lightly toast the heroes. Spread ricotta cheese on one side and the bomb spread on the other. Go easy on the bomb spread if you’re sensitive to spice, but coat it on if you love delicious things.

7) Cut the pork tenderloin into thin slices. Sandwich a thin layer of capicola, a few pieces of pork, basil and tomato between the bread. Cut in half if desired.

8) Eat sandwich.

So to recap, that’s a rosemary pork tenderloin and hot capicola sandwich with tomato, basil, ricotta and Italian spread. And it’s awesome. It’s spicy from the spread, creamy from the ricotta, sweet from the tomato, tasty from the rosemary and basil, salty from the capicola, and porky from the pork.

*- I don’t think tin-can ricotta necessarily comes in a tin can anymore so much as the term refers to high-end ricotta cheese. Maybe there is a distinction in how it’s made, but I don’t know it. They definitely sell it in Fairway, but it’s in the section near the fancier soft cheeses, not by the Sorrento and Polly-O ricottas. No disrespect to Sorrento or Polly-O ricottas, which are also delicious. It’s just that good ricotta cheese is so amazing you could pretty much eat it from the thing with a spoon, and you probably will.

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