The Jets will finish 8-8 this year because they are the Jets

The Jets will finish 8-8 this year. I can practically guarantee that. Don’t come at me with facts: The Jets finish 8-8 every single year, just bad enough to miss the playoffs but just good enough to ensure they’ll miss out on a premium draft pick.

Last night, the Jets nearly defeated an undefeated team. Hell, you might even argue that the Jets would have defeated an undefeated team were it not for classically Jetsish hiccups and nonsense in clock management and communication.

They somehow actually moved the ball! Their offense, which looked as bad as any I’d ever seen as of just last week when it had its best receiver, somehow moved the ball down the field against the Texans’ strong defense even though they still have no running game to speak of, most of their receivers still can’t really catch and Mark Sanchez can’t find a way to throw the ball over the line unimpeded. I don’t know how that happened. Tim Tebow willed it from the sidelines, maybe.

But too much Jets stuff happened. They had to call timeouts when they shouldn’t have because there were 40 guys in the huddle who then all panicked and left the field at the sight of each other. Tipped balls and dropped passes wound up in the hands of Texans defenders.

From what I’ve seen so far this morning, everyone’s crediting Arian Foster for the Texans’ win. And Foster’s a great back who had a great game, no doubt. But did you see the holes he had to run through? Massive. That happens because the Texans have a line that can protect their quarterback, a quarterback who can throw the ball downfield, and receivers that can catch the ball when he does. The Jets did a good job containing the Texans’ passing game, but — especially with Revis out — that means making concessions somewhere.

Look: I don’t think Shonn Greene’s a very good running back either. But do you really think it’s going to make a difference of more than a couple of feet per carry if the Jets give his touches to Bilal Powell, or, hell, to Tebow? There’s no place for the guy to go. Fantasy football and human nature combine to credit the individuals always in a football team’s success, but it is almost always the team.

Wouldn’t it be cool to root for a good one?

Also, that J.J. Watt guy looked awesome. CALL FOR HELP MARK SANCHEZ!

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