Pele Out Of Context in context

Reader and email correspondent Mark Weinstein set up a Tumblr worth checking out: Pele Out Of Context. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and features photos like this one:

Today, on Pele’s 72nd birthday, a Brazilian newspaper profiled the site. That’s entertaining enough on its own, but even better when Google-translated from the Portuguese:

Probably only three words are associated with the football so automatic: ball, goal and Pelé. With the help of the first two items, he reinvented the sport and thus was elevated to the rank of King. But not so complete that this gentleman today 72 years of life left to do everything that a mere mortal do in your everyday life.

Who knew this with great wit was the American Mark Weinstein, 37, who created the social network the Tumblr photo blog out of context Pelé (Pelé out of context). He, who works as a book editor and is also a writer, put practically every day pictures Athlete of the Century by doing everything except playing football.

“The idea came when I found myself repeatedly seeing pictures of Pelé off the field. Here is a guy who is arguably the most famous, most photographed athlete of all time (except for maybe Muhammad Ali) and I thought it would be very interesting (and funny) to just depict him as an ordinary person. Seeing the hero of millions making coffee or waiting for the dentist kind of turns the whole idea of ​​celebrity (and celebrity worship) on its ear.”

Also, if you’re ever strapped for band names, just find a newspaper article in practically any other language and run it through an online translator and you’re sure to find something. I think I’d check out “Football So Automatic” if I saw their name on a marquee.

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