Islanders moving from one of my old neighborhoods to another one of my old neighborhoods

Here are some jokes I already tweeted. Sorry to repeat myself but it’s really all I’ve got: Brooklyn makes so much sense for the Islanders because the best way to appreciate the Islanders is ironically.

I’ve read a lot about how the Barclays Center is unfit for hockey. What I failed to consider: Neither is Nassau Coliseum.

Seriously, though — and not-tweeted-yet: Good for all us kind-of, sort-of Islanders fans who hang out within a few blocks of the Barclays Center pretty frequently and like going to live sporting events even if we don’t really follow the team that closely. And good for the Islanders for finding a way out of Nassau Coliseum. And good for anyone who works in the vicinity of Nassau Coliseum — my mom included — for not having to suffer the traffic anymore.

Presumably very bad for the franchisee of that one McDonald’s.

Despite growing up about 10 minutes from Nassau Coliseum, I never really took to the Islanders. But I had some great times at Islanders games there regardless. One time I was at Dental Hygiene Awareness night with my brother when play had to be stopped twice due to Dental Hygiene Awareness posters turned into paper airplanes.

After college, a couple of my friends and I discovered the Islanders offered half-price student discounts on Tuesday nights and that our college IDs were still valid. We were all living at home after graduating, mind you, and I think we were all getting a little tired of the arrangement. So even though none of us followed hockey, we’d go to Islanders games every Tuesday night and take out our frustration by booing nearly everything that happened. Also: Eating tons of nachos.

Don’t sleep on the Nassau Coliseum nachos.

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