T-shirt cannon technology finally used to launch tacos

Huge news out of Texas, courtesy real-life friend Ron:

The Torchy’s Tacos taco cannon stands proudly on all-terrain wheels. It is coated in jet black paint, with its long barrel pointing high towards the sky. The cannon’s controller shoots off three tacos in rapid succession. The explosion excites cheers and claps from people hoping to catch one of the tacos. One by one each taco is grabbed, unwrapped and eaten. The smell of drizzled cheese, sizzled chilies and grilled chicken invade the nostrils of its catcher….

“I seriously envisioned a warlike cannon shooting tacos at people,” biology senior Waytao Shing said.

Shing, who attended the FFF Aqua Olympics, an event catered to getting FFF patrons excited for the festival, was surprised to see what the cannon really was: a 12-chambered T-shirt cannon, redesigned to project delectable tacos.

About time, if you ask me. You may have seen similar cannons at basketball games. I know the Georgetown cheerleaders have one. They are awesome, but until now they have been pathetically devoid of taco ammunition. Check this sucker out:

Since the revelation at a Minor League game somewhere that hot dogs wrapped in foil with packets of mustard and ketchup were apparently the same gauge as rolled-up t-shirts, I’ve been quietly campaigning for Mr. Met to put his own gun to better use.

Now that tacos are in play — especially considering how good the Citi Field tacos are — it’s about time Mr. Met up his game. I already have more t-shirts than I need and there’s almost no chance anything fired at me from a hundred yards away will prove worthy of my t-shirt rotation. But I could pretty much always use a taco.

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