Art Howe and Jerry Manuel possibly up for Major League managing jobs

Shocking, but true. Manuel actually got an interview from the Rockies, so he seems to be several steps ahead of Howe, who has merely stated that he’d like to manage the Blue Jays (and also that he was misrepresented in Moneyball).

I’d LOL about this some from the Mets-fan perspective, but I know Angels fans LOL’d pretty hard when the Mets hired Terry Collins. And though the Mets have not won much under Collins, his stewardship hardly seems to be anything close to their biggest problem. Plus, let us not forget, there was a time — the halcyon days of August, 2008 — when a lot of us were pretty excited about the way the Mets seemed to improve immediately after Manuel took over. If teams only hired managers that had never failed before, Davey Johnson would be pretty much the only veteran manager with a job.

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