Shockingly, someone attending an Aerosmith concert shows questionable taste

Tom Brady took a break from his usual hobbies of bedding models atop piles of money and being frustratingly awesome at football to take in an Aerosmith concert in Boston on Monday afternoon with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, among others. Brady braved Boston’s November chill in a belted black peacoat with a half-popped collar and, alarmingly, no evidence of a shirt underneath:

It’s strange, but I’m not sure it even cracks the Top 10 most embarrassing photos of Tom Brady. Hell, for all we know, Brady was just paying tribute to Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, who, as a point of fact, does not even own a shirt.

Also, because I found it while Google Imaging “Joe Perry shirtless” (I really hope my web activity here at the office is being screened by someone), here’s a photo of Joe Perry and Roger Clemens. Via Matador Records:

I’m trying to imagine how a conversation between Joe Perry and Roger Clemens might go, but I can’t get past two exchanges in my mind before they just start yelling, “No, I’m the worst!” and going back and forth like that ad infinitum.

Brady news via Greg.

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