In which we are forced to admit that Bryce Harper is pretty much awesome

I saw this last week and forgot to post it, but Rob V reminded me yesterday. In case you weren’t convinced by Bryce Harper’s thorough pwnage of Cole Hamels in the old-school baseball episode earlier this season, Harper’s general distaste for clown questions, his pioneering work in finding new and obnoxious ways to keep the sun’s glare out of his eyes, and the obscene force he can exert on a baseball, Harper tweeted his home’s treat selection on Halloween:

Full-sized candy bars! That’s a huge score for area trick-or-treaters, and well worth whatever aggravation they might have to put up with the other 364 days of the year for living near Bryce Harper. (Presumably he makes a racket in his home batting cage at all sorts of odd hours. And Hamels, hiding behind designer sunglasses and jamming out on Daughtry with his little white dog in his car parked down the block, really creeps the hell out of the neighbors.)

Oh, and how did Harper greet the eager locals? As a clown, bro:

Bryce Harper: Magnanimous, jocular, eschewer of pants.

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