Column about Walt Weiss’ hiring contains seven references to Colorado’s new marijuana policy

The good folks of Colorado voted on Tuesday to legalize marijuana….

Forget OBP and WAR. The Rockies surely lead the league in empty Cheetos bags littering the offices….

Cheech and Chong would be proud.

What are they, high?…

Who’s on the short list to succeed Weiss? Willie Nelson?…

You would think after all these years, they would have an app for that. Or a medication for that (Tuesday’s vote in Colorado, ahem, notwithstanding)….

Through the haze, it’s hard to tell.

Scott Miller, CBS Sports.

The rest of the column is actually worth a read, as Miller outlines the Rockies’ struggles with a problem only they face: Altitude (get it? they’re high). The Rockies’ geographic isolation from the rest of the baseball-watching country probably helps us ignore or gloss over some of the oddities of their circumstance, but they go way beyond fly balls flying further. Pitches break differently and muscles suffer from the relative lack of oxygen, for two.

You’ll see a lot of Rockies post pretty extreme home-road splits, and when their names come up in trade or free-agent talk, you’ll hear their road splits emphasized with the suggestion that they’d be inferior players outside that environment who get bongs and pipes you can buy at Smokewire headshops. But I suspect there’s a lot more to it than that, and that Carlos Gonzalez would not collapse to a .735 OPS if he had the opportunity to adjust to a season playing at or near season.

My former roommate and namesake Ted Burke is a Rockies fan from Colorado, and we’ve spent hours trying to come up with ways they could get over the hurdle. We never figured a certain solution, but there’s no almost no doubt they need to do things a bit differently than everybody else.

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