Twitter Q&A, pt. 2: The randos

Via email, Bill asks:

Any thoughts to the new Bond movie being released today?

I know you love The World Is Not Enough.

Bill asks that because he knows I do not love The World Is Not Enough, as Bill was, in fact, sitting next to me when I nearly got my drunken ass kicked in a DC movie theater by some juiced-up meathead who apparently liked the film. I regret nothing. That movie was terrible and everyone around me deserved the truth.

But no, I don’t have many thoughts on the new Bond movie being released today? Daniel Craig seems alright and Javier Bardem is definitely awesome, but I might boycott all Bond movies until someone caves and casts Jason Statham as Bond.

Trick question: There’s no such thing as an average dude with a mustache.

I’m an odd plater, but I had no idea Tom was asking about gas-rationing particulars until I followed up. I don’t drive much in any case, but right now my car is still dead on the side of the street. Thanks to Diwali, I can leave it there until Friday without getting a ticket. That means Thursday night I’ll be scrambling to find a tow truck.

I just spent a good amount of time discussing this with a trusted associate, and it pretty much just turned into the two of us listing as many peripheral Arrested Development characters as we could. They’re all great. It pretty much has to be Barry Zuckercorn, only because he’s got the most screen time of all them and a lot of the funniest lines. But certainly Steve Holt, White Power Bill and the Hot Cops deserve nods.

A bigger challenge might be coming up with a bad Arrested Development peripheral character. I didn’t care for Martin Short’s role or Gene Parmesan much, but other than that, it’s tough to think of any.

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