Maybe the Jets should start Tim Tebow to shut everyone up

Seriously, what do you really think will happen? Do you actually believe there’s some sort of Tim Tebow Magic that transcends awful offensive-line play, receivers that can’t catch, shoddy play-calling, no run game to speak of, and a defense that’s not good enough to make up for all of it?

I don’t, but I’d be happy as hell to be wrong. Maybe Tim Tebow’s personality is so winning and his poise is so great and his resolve is so strong that he’ll inspire the men around him to stop performing so crappily the moment he’s handed the reins.

And it’s not like Mark Sanchez is playing well. Last week Mark Sanchez lobbed a pass in the general direction of the same receiver to whom he had twice pump-faked. That is not effective use of pump fakes! Sometimes he just randomly drops the ball. That’s stuff Mark Sanchez does now, looking un-winning and un-poised and altogether un-Tebow-like in every way, plus — according to every single broadcaster, at least — looking over his shoulder at Tebow at all times and wondering what he could do to again be such a handsome and overhyped young quarterback.

So bring on Tim Tebow. How much worse could the Jets’ offense possibly be than it was against the Seahawks? Are they concerned about stunting Sanchez’s development? Sanchez’s development is very clearly stunted. At the very least, if it doesn’t go well, then we won’t ever, ever have to talk about it again.

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