Three thousand cheers for R.A. Dickey

R.A. Dickey won the National League Cy Young Award last night. Like I said yesterday, his season wouldn’t have been any less awesome or memorable or dominant if he didn’t win, but the honor makes for a nice cherry on top of an otherwise spectacular sundae. So, well, good.

Here’s a look back at Dickey’s award-winning year in TedQuarters posts, for whatever that’s worth:

March 3: R.A. Dickey on the slow knuckler
March 9: Sandwich Show with R.A. Dickey
April 30: R.A. Dickey makes remarkably convincing Old West sheriff
June 7: R.A. Dickey, last four starts
June 15: Select decontextualized quotes from “The Humpty Dance” that seem apt to describe R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball
June 19: The R.A. Dickey phenomenon
June 20: Knuckleballer in full ascendency
Aug. 31: Should the Mets trade R.A. Dickey?
Sept. 7: R.A. Dickey on ‘the kairotic moment’
Sept. 18: Knuckleball!
Sept. 27: R.A. Dickey rules
Oct. 3: R.A. Dickey has been pitching with a torn ab muscle since April
Oct. 16: R.A. Dickey has pet rabbits named for Star Wars characters

Does the Cy Young Award change anything about the way I now think the Mets should approach Dickey’s situation this offseason? Rationally no, emotionally yes. Thinking back on his remarkable year makes me a bit more wistful about the possibility of his departure, regardless of the potential return. We just witnessed something special.

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