What, what?

Coyotes now inhabit every state in the country except Hawaii, eating mostly rodents, rabbits, and fruit while making their homes between apartment buildings and in industrial parks and popular recreation areas in metropolitan areas from New York City to Chicago to San Francisco. Recent research suggests that coyotes could prove to be just the first of a wave of larger carnivores — bears, cougars, and wolves — moving into residential areas.

Josie Garthwaite, N.Y. Times.

I’m sorry, did you say bears, cougars and wolves?

I clicked through on the recent research and couldn’t find any reference to bears, cougars or wolves. But it turns out coyotes are about as fascinating as they are terrifying, and are difficult to control or study because they’re too smart to trap. So good luck out there. And here I thought nothing could be worse than Cougartown.

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