Select photos of Rickey Henderson doing stuff

In lieu of anything else to write about, I went to the AP wire to find a photo of Rickey Henderson to post. Problem is, there are way too many to choose just one. Here are some photos of Rickey Henderson doing stuff.

Here’s Rickey stealing a base in 1986:

Here’s Rickey Henderson celebrating breaking the Major League record for stolen bases in 1991:

Here’s Rickey calling timeout in 1999:

Here’s Rickey catching a ball in 2000:

Here’s Rickey scoring in 2000:

Here’s Rickey making a catch in 2002:

Here’s Rickey charming the crowd at a 2001 press conference:

Here’s Rickey hitting a home run in 2003:

Here’s Rickey sliding into home during a San Diego Surf Dawgs game in 2006:

Here’s Rickey wearing an awesome white suit at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony alongside Jim Rice in 2009:

Here’s Rickey posing with his own shoes at the Hall of Fame:

Here’s Rickey low-fiving Guy Fieri after homering in the All-Star Legends and Celebrity softball game in 2010. He also homered in the 2011 version of the event:

Here’s Rickey throwing out the first pitch before an A’s game in 2011, wearing… something:

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