Andrew W.K. forging party-diplomacy path for Wyld Stallyns

Eleven years after releasing seminal party-rock song “Party Hard,” while taking time out from speaking at My Little Pony conventions and designing a pizza-shaped guitar, serial partier (and motivational speaker) Andrew W.K. will head to the Middle East on behalf of the State Department to promote peace… and partying.

According to Mr. W.K., as a Cultural Ambassador he will travel to Bahrain next month and visit elementary schools, the University of Bahrain, and music venues “all while promoting partying and world peace.”

Andrew Kirell, Mediaite.

So that’s awesome. Of course, soon after the news broke, rumors spread that it was a hoax. But Mr. W.K. himself maintains that he is going to Bahrain to party. He also points out:

I’m not sure how accurate the following story is; it’s one of those friend-of-a-friend things that could easily be urban legend.

But some friends of friends apparently met Andrew W.K. after a show and, since he’s Andrew W.K., gave him their phone number and invited him to their party the next night. And apparently Andrew W.K. called them up the next day and asked, “If I come to your party, will there be hot dogs there?”

They weren’t planning on serving hot dogs, but obviously they were all, “hell yeah we’ve got hot dogs” and went out and bought a bunch of hot dogs. And supposedly Andrew W.K. showed up, partied with them all night, and ate about seven hot dogs.

Again, that’s not something I can confirm, but Andrew W.K. has tweeted about the merits of hot dogs on multiple occasions.

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