Taco Bell Tuesday

We act like the Winter Meetings are the only thing happening when meanwhile there are Taco Bell things happening.

New York City fast-food workers move to unionize: I’ll continue avoiding politics as best as I can, but I thought you should be aware of why some workers at local fast food restaurants — including Taco Bells — have been walking off the job. This site supports Taco Bell employees’ efforts to earn a living wage through whatever measures necessary, and would be willing to pay a bit more for tacos to know that the people making them were happier and healthier.

Journalist gets to drive $2.5 million car, takes it to Taco Bell drive-thru: Why wouldn’t he? If a blind man behind the wheel for the first time in years thanks to Google’s self-driving car would immediately go to Taco Bell, I don’t see why anyone driving a $2.5 million Bugati wouldn’t. It’s just the logical first place to go when you’re in any car.

Fast food dessert category heating up: Joe Satran of the Huffington Post investigates why and how fast food restaurants are adding desserts to their menus, highlighted by Taco Bell’s newly improved dessert selection. He quotes a Taco Bell senior director who describes market research suggesting customers are interested in “clockless eating.”

Clockless eating. I hope that phrase catches on. Stop pigeonholing me into your oppressive three-meal regime, society. I demand clockless eating!

The article suggests that Taco Bell will soon consider adding a larger dessert option, which brings me to an important point: Bring back the Choco Taco. Seriously, with the success of the cross-promotional Doritos Locos Taco, why not work something out with Klondike to ensure the sale of Choco Tacos in all Taco Bell stores? It’s a taco, but it’s choco — the perfect Taco Bell dessert. It’s f—ing Mexican, can’t you see?


Also of note: A Chipotle spokesman quoted in the article says Chipotle has no designs on dessert, which is odd to me because Chipotle makes me crave dessert 100-percent of the time I eat it. I think it’s partly due to the salt content, and mostly for Pavlovian reasons. When I was at NYU, one semester I had two evening classes with a 40-minute break in between. It was exactly the right amount of time to get myself to the Chipotle on 8th St., enjoy a burrito, then get a cookie across the street at Au Bon Pain. So I would heartily recommend Chipotle start carrying cookies.

Mountain Goats endorse Taco Bell: Unfortunately it’s not actual mountain goats, as that would be hilarious. It’s John Darnielle, lead singer and songwriter for the band The Mountain Goats, which I have heard of but never really pursued. Are they good? I’m open to the possibility, because Darnielle could be totally snarky and condescending about his affinity for Taco Bell — and is even baited to do so by the interviewer — but resists, calling Taco Bell “a lifesaver” for touring vegetarian musicians.

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