New favorite Tweet?

The double entendre here almost has to be intentional, right?

Either way, good for “Big Pelf.” Make sure to give him a high-five or a hearty bro-hug the next time you see him. I mean… twins!

Pretty sure he’s married, though.

In all seriousness: Good for Pelfrey. I’ve maintained here that Pelfrey got a short shrift from Mets fans, in large part because he was brave enough to admit he went to a sports psychologist — the same one that treated noted headcases Greg Maddux and Roy Halladay. Pelfrey’s issues on the mound, I remain convinced, had way more to do with his inability to develop a consistent secondary pitch than his mental health.

It doesn’t seem like it makes sense for Pelfrey or the Mets (as currently constituted) to return the big righty to Flushing, but I’m hard-pressed to come up with an ex-Met I’ll be pulling for more (non-Beltran division). The guy used “Lake of Fire” as his warmup music, after all, and once spent several minutes of his time chatting with me about sandwiches.

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