Novak Djokovic buys all the donkey cheese

I don’t know much about tennis beyond how to eat at tennis events, and I don’t know a damned thing about world No. 1 ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic. But I’ve got a newfound appreciation for the man this morning after learning he secured the entire global supply of the world’s most expensive cheese:

Novak_Djokovic_AO_win_2011Tennis great Novak Djokovic has purchased the entire global supply of a rare cheese produced from donkey milk that can cost over $500 per pound….

The cheese, which recently set the record for the world’s most expensive cheese, is reportedly so pricey because 2.2 lbs of the delicacy requires 6 gallons of donkey milk.

Djokovic reportedly bought the annual output of Pule from the world’s sole producer, a donkey farm 50 miles west of the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Supposedly it’s for a chain of restaurants he’s opening, but I prefer to think he just really, really likes the cheese and wants to be the only person in the world who gets to enjoy it. Novak Djokovic is my new favorite tennis player.

Also, I guess I need to taste this cheese. Unfortunately, Novak Djokovic controls all of it.

Via Moses.

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