Roger Angell on Duke Snider

If you read this site regularly you know I’m generally not one for nostalgia (though I have occasional lapses), but I have a soft spot for the Dodgers of the 40s and 50s. Those were the teams that hooked my grandfather as a baseball fan, and so, indirectly, the reason I grew up watching baseball. Also, that’s a crazy stat — 16 of 20 World Series teams and nine of ten champions. Via Alex Belth.

Well there it is

Every human in Port St. Lucie might have been in the scrum around Beltran, Angel Pagan and Terry Collins, so I won’t bog you down with quotes you’ll inevitably read elsewhere. Plus we’ve got a very Beltran-heavy video diary on the way. The main takeaway from what all three of them said: Carlos Beltran is totally awesome and cool. Collins stressed Beltran’s professionalism, Beltran stressed how he’s doing what’s best for the team (and himself, selfishly), and Pagan stressed how excited he is to be playing adjacent to Beltran in the outfield so he can pick his brain.

Bill James rules

Derrick Goold writes an outstanding profile of Bill James, emphasizing a point I often like to bring up: James writes beautifully, something that too often gets ignored by people insisting he has somehow tarnished the game with his insistence on relying on facts. The quote above touches on something we apparently have in common that I’ve tried to get at before, only James, in typical fashion, says it more clearly than I could. Via Repoz.