Most triumphant

Color me shocked that Bill and Ted will once again have to travel in time. Wonder how they’ll handle George Carlin’s death though. They can’t just pretend that Rufus died, because we’ve already seen Rufus alive in 2688 and 1988, and if the Wyld Stallyns needed his advice — as they probably should — they could always just travel to some point in the timeline when he was alive.

The best baseball feature you will ever read

Excellent read from the Wall Street Journal on Diamondbacks bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas, who will eat anything for money.

We had a guy like that in high school, but he didn’t make nearly the type of cash Motuzas does. One time I gave him $8 to eat a piece of unidentifiable meat we found on a diner floor. Another time I offered him $15 to lick a particularly strange technology teacher from our school. I didn’t think he’d take me up on that one, but he just walked over and licked the dude’s arm. “Yo, he was mad salty,” he reported, sticking his hand out for my cash.

Just different

DePodesta’s entire chat with Baseball Prospectus is worth reading, but this quote caught my eye. I’ve noted numerous times that I struggle with xFIP. I have no trouble believing that most pitchers’ home runs per flyball rates will normalize over time, but I find it hard to assume that the same will be the case for all pitchers. In other words, I wonder if there are some guys, like Johan Santana over the past couple of seasons, that figure out a way to induce consistently weak fly-ball contact. Seems like DePodesta implies here that Young has.


It seems to me like the long-term health benefits aspect of the NFL labor negotiations should be way more important than anyone is making it out to be. As it currently stands, players are covered for five years after they retire. The injuries they sustain playing football don’t magically go away at that point.