OK, everyone’s going to pile on Mark Sanchez for his crappy performance in that miserable, awful Jets game. And they should, he threw five interceptions.

But it’s not like he was getting much help from Dustin Keller. Honestly, that was just a brutal, brutal performance from the tight end. How many catchable passes did he not catch? And how poorly timed was that offsides penalty?

And Rex Ryan? Not such a good job, either. First off, someone’s got to take the blame when the team makes 14 penalties for 96 yards, and it might as well be the head coach. Also, using up a timeout for a bad challenge to gain like 10 yards? Awesome move, dude. I know it didn’t end up mattering, but c’mon.

How about that Jets’ run defense? All offseason we heard all about how hard-hitting Gang Green would be this year, and for a while, it appeared to be true. Then it turned out that the only people they were hitting hard were defenseless receivers and quarterbacks who had already thrown the ball. Maybe try actually tackling, guys. I don’t know. Maybe that’s not in Rex Ryan’s lauded defensive scheme.

Lito Sheppard got burnt up like Ricky Williams on multiple occasions. Not in the fun way, either.

Basically the only people who shouldn’t take heat for this one are Darrelle Revis, who’s great (despite the holding calls), Thomas Jones, and the Jets’ offensive line, who gave Sanchez enough time to make some downright Favrey decisions.

Do you know how bad the Bills are? The Bills are terrible. The Bills were trying to lose that game; the Jets just wanted it more.

I’m not willing to call this season over or say “same old Jets” just yet, because the team looked awesome in its three wins and I’ve got to assume there’s some sort of learning curve for a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback. This one was awful, though.

Oh, but the game’s Least Valuable Player award has to go to Dick Enberg. I’m sorry, dude, how is it that you can’t pronounce Sanchez? Have you not heard this surname like a million times by now? And please, could you tell me one more time about if Mark Sanchez has ever played in cold weather before? I’m just not sure I got it the first seven times.

I’m sick of that storyline already and it hasn’t even hit the papers or talk-radio yet. But it’s coming soon, I’m certain. I can’t wait.

Maybe, just maybe this kicks the team in the jocks and they wake up to shut some people up. But that Kris Jenkins injury is terrible. If he’s out, Rex Ryan’s going to have to suit up himself to jam up the interior, and based on his performance tonight I’m not sure that’s ag ood idea.

And that beautiful young rookie quarterback is now working against public perception, maybe for the first time in his life.

Destiny is calling, Mark Sanchez. Will you accept the charges?

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