BCS? More like BC-dumb.

Over at the Big East Sports Blog, Aditi Kinkhabwala weighs in on Playoff PAC, a bipartisan committee of congressmen dedicated to revamping the BCS system

Finally, our legislators are addressing the real issues!

The Playoff PAC press released describes the BCS as “inherently flawed.” I might argue instead that it’s “incredibly stupid.”

I understand that bowl games, thanks to their sponsorship deals (hello, Poulan Weedeater), earn schools big money. But does anyone think an eight-team tournament wouldn’t mean even bigger money?

I’m sure smarter people than me have weighed in on this, and I don’t follow college football all that closely so I haven’t given it a ton of thought. But if there are four big bowls, why couldn’t they rotate each year, with two being the semifinals, one being the consolation game and one being the championship?

Sure, determining the eight teams that make the tournament would be pretty arbitrary. And four teams would be forced to play two more games than their schedules normally call for. But I bet all those kids would be down, and I would guess the revenue the schools generate off the tournament would make all the little inconveniences well worth their while.

Am I missing something obvious? Probably. Feel free to let me know. I bet there won’t be a whole lot of BCS adherents around, though.

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