Takahashis more notable than Ken

The Mets released Ken Takahashi today. That’s a shame because I always hoped to do a feature on his translator, but I never got around to it. Being a Major League translator seems like a really interesting job, because it requires not only being bilingual, but being bilingual in the language of baseball, and I assume that involves talking mechanics and scouting and everything else.

Anyway, I felt like pulling up Ken Takahashi’s Wikipedia page just to see if there was anything interesting about him that I didn’t know, so I searched the Wikipedia for “Takahashi.”

But Ken Takahashi, it turns out, does not even make the Takahashi disambiguation page.

Takahashi is the third most common surname in Japan, behind Sato and Suzuki. Takahashis more notable than Ken, according to the Wikipedia, include two other baseball players from the NPB, five manga artists, five voice actors and one really kickass sounding roboticist, a three-time winner of the humanoid cup.

There are two other Takahashis on the disambiguation page whose first names begin with “Ken,” and coincidentally, both are athletes. Kenichi Takahashi is a distance runner. Kenji Takahashi is a soccer player.

But our Ken Takahashi is nowhere to be found. And though he does have his own page, until Ken Takahashi is added to the disambiguation page I will not bemoan his departure.

Godspeed, Ken Takahashi. We hardly knew ye, but we knew ye better than the Wikipedia apparently does.

UPDATE, 3:31 p.m.

Josh has given Ken Takahashi his rightful place in history and added him to the disambiguation page. I’m sure Ken Takahashi is grateful, wherever he may be.

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