Ham fighting for ham with ham

Every time I’m close to entirely losing faith in humanity, someone comes out of the woodwork to restore hope.

In this case, that someone was reader A.J., who created this new proposed mascot for the Nippon Ham Fighters, the Japanese baseball team that recently celebrated Tsuyoshi Shinjo.

Ham, fighting on behalf of ham, with ham.

I’m not even entirely certain what’s going on here, but I know that it’s awesome. As I mentioned yesterday, I was disappointed to learn that the Nippon Ham Fighters were the “Nippon Ham” Fighters and not actual fighting hams.

What A.J. has heroically done here depicts an actual ham — our familiar friend Porky — prepared to fight. And he fights using a sword laden with ham, and, I assume, he fights on behalf of ham. It’s really quite remarkable, and rather meta, and very hammy all around.

Oh, and the ham is made of baseball. I think A.J. just blew my mind.

And speaking of mind-blowing, that Shinjo video from yesterday wasn’t nearly the only Tsuyoshi Shinjo commercial available on YouTube:

And also this:

And this:

3 thoughts on “Ham fighting for ham with ham

  1. That second Shinjo video just proves how awsome Shinjo is. After seeing that add, I want to go to that japanese mens store and buy suits. The best we can do her ein NY is Kerry Rhodes and Steve Smith, who I will say, dont encourage me quite as much to run out for a 3 suit package.

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