SNY promos you’ll never see on air

The guys in our promos department here are some creative and funny people, but sometimes their ideas get rejected for being a little too far out. This is my favorite SNY promo ever. It was meant to air in advance of the 2009 season, but never did:

There’s also this, featuring me channeling my inner Joe Benigno:

For that spot, I was instructed to sit at the desk and just say things that would make for good soundbytes. It was predictably surreal, and I couldn’t come up with anything to say, so I just started repeating all the soundbytes from the existing SNY promos.

I wanted my soundbyte to be, “I don’t speak in soundbytes!” but that was clearly too postmodern to make the air.

Ultimately, I was unable to record even one reasonable soundbyte while keeping a straight face, and they ended up using something else entirely.

3 thoughts on “SNY promos you’ll never see on air

  1. Both of those are great and caused me to search “ted berg” on youtube. Now I’m having trouble ranking 1-4 these two, ted berg in jack in the box spot, and matt cerrone tries to replace at tire at some museum.

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