Items of note

That’s it for the 2009 baseball season, and good riddance. Good for the Yanks and the good people at Bronx Banter and Was Watching.

Maybe my favorite non-New York baseball blog is Drunk Jays fans. The language is rarely even remotely safe for work, but I enjoyed their quick World Series recap.

The Mariners picked up former Met farmhand Yusmeiro Petit off waivers, and Lookout Landing provides a nice writeup on the right-hander. Petit’s Minor League numbers, short stuff and all, are simply too good to ignore. The home run has been his bugaboo, but maybe pitching at Safeco Field will help him.

James at Amazin’ Avenue explains what would be on the cover of Duh! Magazine if it weren’t so hard for some people to grasp: “The goal is to score more runs than you allow.” It doesn’t really matter how you do that, so long as you do it frequently and convincingly.

Now the nonsense begins.

4 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. What the significance of the CAKE song in this post? Does it have some relation to the post that I am missing or did you just throw in there because its an awesome song.

    • I figured it had loose connections to the Yankees “going to the distance,” so to speak, and some to the endless trudge of offseason nonsense. But mostly it was that it came up on Pandora on the way into work today and it was in my head. Cake, in all forms, is awesome.

      • Yes get ready for “John Heyman season’. I feel like Heyman needs a rival of some sort. He’s become a veritable monopoly on MLB rumors. He’s the exclusive guy to like every local outlet.

        He’s what Mel Kiper became prior to the NFL Draft for a long time. John Heyman needs a Todd McShay, the young up and comer, a fresh face to question the old guard on his rumors. Pit them head to head like the do Kiper and McShay, which usually end with Kiper looking like he wants to Strangle McShay. I think it would really spice up the offseason.

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