Talking Shoppach

D.J. Short absolutely nails it for NBC Sports: The Mets would be silly to shell out a multi-year deal for Bengie Molina when Kelly Shoppach could be non-tendered by the Indians.

Check it out: Even in Shoppach’s down year in 2009, he posted a 98 OPS+ to Molina’s 86.

Shoppach played nearly a full-time role for the Indians in 2008 when Victor Martinez was struggling with injury, but apparently the Indians are content to make due with Wyatt Toregas and Lou Marson while they await the arrival of Carlos Santana, whose songs all sound the same.

Shoppach’s not the world’s best defender behind the plate, but neither is Molina. And Shoppach is six years younger.

He might not have Molina’s Major League track record, but he’s almost certainly a better bet moving forward.

Plus, he looks just a tiny bit like Todd Pratt.

2 thoughts on “Talking Shoppach

  1. Totally agree. Shoppach just makes too much sense for the Mets to actually do it.

    His hitting speaks for itself, and while his defense is not amazing, it’s actually about 2 runs better than Bengie Molina’s, according to Driveline Mechanics’ nifty (if imperfect) methodology.

    (To see more of my picks for who the Mets should pursue this off-season, check out:

    Yes, I know, the Derek Holland trade was a tad unrealistic).

  2. Well, there goes that idea. Shoppach just went to the Rays. I agree with saberkeith, that move made way to much sense for the mets to actually do it.

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