Brewers get lame

Man, so much of this “respect the other team” stuff bubbling up the last couple of days. I guess it’s that time of the Spring. Jon Heyman:

The Milwaukee Brewers are a young team, but they are growing up fast. They recognize that they are new school and not old school, but that they must go to school to avoid the mistakes of a year ago, when their youthful exuberance alienated their opponents.They will adapt. They will temper things. They will not pull out their shirttails after walk-off wins.

At least that’s the goal after a season of inventive celebrations earned them a fair amount of animosity.

I don’t know how anyone could call the Prince Fielder cannonball celebration a mistake. If that was a mistake, I don’t want to be right about anything ever. That was completely awesome.

So Barry Zito retaliated and nailed Prince with one of his blazing 82 mile-an-hour fastballs this Spring. Ooooh, respect the game, Prince Fielder.

You know how you respect the game? Playing as hard as you can to win, which I’m pretty sure Fielder does. That’s all. Showmanship is different from disrespect.

7 thoughts on “Brewers get lame

  1. Or Prince Fielder would fit in well with the Yankees. By the look of things, he’s gotta luv some pie in the face after a walk-off.

    I just hate the way the media will harp on some players and certain teams for their celebrations, while ignoring the same exact behavior when performed by other players and other teams. I doubt Heyman wrote anything last year about the Yankees needing to show more respect following some of the Yankees’ post-game antics last year. When the Yankees do it, they are a bunch of great guys having fun. When the Brewers do it, they need to grow up And you just know that if David Wright or Derek Jeter had high-fived fans after hitting a big hr in the bottom of the ninth, the media would not have scolded them like they did Milledge. The story line would have been that they were sharing their good fortune with the fans and involving the fans in the game because they understand that without the fans…

  2. If you make a play that results directly in a walk-off win…then i think you earned the freedom to do whatever you want. You won the game…celebrate it.

    Fielder isn’t bowling over his teammates after a 2nd-inning HR…no, he’s doing it in a late-season, extra-inning, home-game, walk-off HR. Acceptable…and encouraged.

    Shane Victorino still sucks though.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with the untucking-the-shirts thing after a win – after all, that was instituted by a veteran, former Met Mike Cameron.

    The Fielder celebration was, while awesome and incredibly well-orchestrated, was a bit disrespectful – not to the game, but to the Giants. It was a bit overblown, though.

  4. Big difference between doing that on a game winning home-run AT HOME and doing it in the middle of the game and/or on the road. Frankly, if you won the game or made a great play in your first ever game, its a freebie, do whatever you want as long as its tasteful.

    • And if anything in that situation is disrespectful it’s the performance that Zito puts on for the ridiculous amount of money they pay him.

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