End of an era

According to Steve Popper’s Twitter, Anderson Hernandez has been claimed on waivers by the Indians.

The timing is a little funny, since the Mets need middle infielders, but Hernandez had no options remaining on his contract (hence being available on waivers) and isn’t very good, so it’s not something to be broken up about.

And I guess I should amend that to say the Mets need decent middle infielders. They have no shortage of crappy middle infielders, although those ranks just thinned by one.

I can’t really continue without it becoming a rant about Alex Cora, and I promised no more of those until Opening Day, so I’ll stop. But I’ll say this: I’m upset that this severely diminishes my opportunities to use the nickname for him forwarded by Dave G in the comments section not too long ago, Anderfail Failnandez.

1 thought on “End of an era

  1. One small reason to mourn his passing: it completes the dismantling of the Mets semi-impressive collection of Hernandi, from Keith to Manny to Robby to El Duque to Livan to Anderson.

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