Burying the lede, and a plea for help

Listen: Nancy Luna, who writes the Fast Food Maven blog for the Orange County Register, does a tremendous job. Obviously. She blogs about fast food.

And she appears to be a fan of, or at least fascinated by the Taco Bell Breakfast tests running in certain markets, and she’s one of the few decent journalists out there providing the hungry world with investigative reports on and photos of what Taco Bell is serving up before 11 a.m.

But with all due respect to Ms. Luna, she’s guilty of burying the lede in a recent update on various Taco Bell test items being served at a location in Tustin, Calif.

Check it out. This is 12 paragraphs deep:

Now, about these pastries and snack items. This continues to be an odd Taco Bell experiment.

The double fudge brownie, along with an atomic bacon bomber, are new to the Tustin menu. I tried the brownie, which was lightly dusted with powdered sugar….

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m sorry. Back one step. Did you just say “atomic bacon bomber”? Did I read that right?

I did. How is that not the title of this blog post? How is the front page headline of OCRegister.com anything other than “Tustin Taco Bell now serving Atomic Bacon Bomber”?

Atomic Bacon Bomber!


I e-mailed Nancy, and she politely explained that she didn’t even notice the item until after she was too full from sampling the new Pacific Shrimp Taco and the Taco Bell test brownie, which is, on its own, pretty fascinating.

I don’t know what the people of Tustin did to deserve a Taco Bell that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, Fourthmeal, and dessert, but damn, I have to move to Tustin.

Until then, I need your help, TedQuarters readers. My traffic tracker tells me that this blog has been visited from Tustin IP addresses at least a dozen times, not to mention a bunch more from surrounding towns in Southern California.

Who’s going to help me? Someone needs to get out to the Tustin Taco Bell and find out what the Atomic Bacon Bomber is. I’ll need pictures and a full report. Please, it’s for the sake of all humanity.

10 thoughts on “Burying the lede, and a plea for help

  1. I live in Mission Viejo, CA…I’ll drop by and try the “Atomic Bacon Bomber”…Along with Anthony Bourdain I am a HUGE fan of Pork…And anything with Atomic & Bacon in the name is something I need to try :)

    • That would be sweet. Also, please tell me you’re the same Rod Barajas, or, alternately, a Mets fan also named Rod Barajas who is really psyched to have another member of Team Rod Barajas on the club and slated to start behind the plate.

      • Not the same Rod Barajas…But we both grew up in So Cal…I’ll swing by later today to try this Bacon wonder out :)

  2. I don’t know who you are, but the Maven pointed me this way. If I remember tomorrow morning, I will make it my mission to try the Atomic Bacon Bomber. As much as I hate Taco Bell, my love of bacon must be satiated.

    • I’m Ted. I would very much appreciate it if you did, but I must warn you: Previous Taco Bell forays into the wonderful world of bacon — most notably the Bacon Club Chalupa — have been underwhelming. And I love Taco Bell, like more than a friend.

  3. Wow New Yorkers getting all riled up about Southern California. Next thing you’ll want is for us to find some DECENT NY style pizza on the West Coast…….

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