Items of note

Two Post columnists take on the Jenrry Mejia debate. Kevin Kernan whiffs wildly, corkscrewing himself into the ground like Tsuyoshi Shinjo used to do. Joel Sherman knocks it out the park.

Speaking of the Post, I’m not sure there’s ever been a higher ratio of (headline hilarity) : (my interest in actually reading the story) than there is with today’s lead story “Sandra Bullock’s hubby in bike-shop ‘wild sex’ romps with ink-stained hellcat.

I’m actually a little distraught that I saw the picture and learned they’re referring to a tattooed woman; I’d prefer to assume he had an affair with an actual feline from hell that was literally stained with ink.

The NFL should absolutely change its overtime rules and it’s crazy that it has taken so long.

5 thoughts on “Items of note

  1. I agree about the NFL Overtime. I’m not sure I have the right answer, but the current set up needs to change. Its just not fair. It may have been years ago when a 40+ yard FG was considered long, but now that routine, and guys routinely drill 50+ yards at a nice clip. Its just to easy to play for a FG and score now.

    I hear all the arguemnts about how the team that wins the toss only wins 58% of the time or whatever, but to me thats irrelevant. If you want to truly judge wether winning the toss is an advantage or not, look at the stats of how many times the team who wins the toss takes the ball. And that is 100% of the time.

    People also argue that ‘defense is part of the game’ but back to the previous point, even teams considerded to have the best defenses in the league, and even in history, still chose to play offense if they win the toss. Why are teams who bread and butter is defense still picking to play offense? If team without the ball has just as good of a chance why are these defensive juggernauts not pickingto play defense when thats thier bread and butter.

    • First to six, as in two FGs would win it as well? Thus, a team could risk it and kick a FG on the first possession, make a stop on the second, and then kick the winner on the third? Because I could buy into that. Anything, really, with alternate possessions, as long as it’s not the weird college-style alternate possessions.

      • At Georgetown, the mascot did as many pushups as the football team had points after every score. The team sucked so usually he didn’t have to do more than 30 pushups in a game (7, then 10, then 17, tops), but at homecoming my sophomore year, in one of the most awesome examples of the college overtime gone horribly awry, they played to six overtimes and GTown won 57-56.

        By the 50th point, the dude’s arms were shaking. Brutal.

  2. Good to know some things will never change. The sun will rise and Kevin Kernan will write semi-literate trash that either needlessly fellates a player or is just plain nonsensical like this one.

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