Atomic Bacon Bombers appear far less atomic, bacony, explosive than advertised

Did I not tell you that Nancy Luna was good? She tweeted a link to my post from earlier, and now, barely three hours after I implored readers to get me photos of the Atomic Bacon Bombers from Taco Bell, I have them.

The Internet is so f@#$ing awesome. You all realize that, right? I feel like I’m privileged to be part of the last generation of people who will remember life before the Internet blew up, because I can recall a time when I wouldn’t have had any way of even finding out that Taco Bell was testing Atomic Bacon Bombers in Tustin, Calif., no less had photographic evidence of their existence a few hours later. And so now that I can do all that, I so appreciate what I’ve got here at my fingertips: all this wonderful, bacony information.

These come courtesy of Luna’s reader Blake. I hope it’s cool that I’m just yanking them off his posterous blog, which you should check out because Blake is a hero.

Not much to look at. When I hear “atomic” I expect something massive. I guess I shouldn’t, since Atomic Fireballs weren’t all that large and the atomic buffalo wings at the place near my house are just normal wing-sized, but, well, I don’t know.

I guess when I heard “Atomic Bacon Bombers” and “Taco Bell” together, it just sounded to me like the Holy Grail or something, like it would be tremendous and spectacular. Maybe Taco Bell’s answer to the Bacon Explosion, all covered in Lava Sauce and wrapped in a Grilled Stuft Burrito, and with some Crunchy Red Strips thrown in there for good measure.

But seeing the actual Atomic Bacon Bomber there, so tiny in Blake’s fingers, it just looks pitiful. I’m holding out hope that Blake is gigantic — or at least has monstrous hands — and the Atomic Bacon Bombers are at least the size of a normal taco, but it really doesn’t seem likely. And Blake’s review doesn’t help the Atomic Bacon Bombers’ case for awesomeness:

Look like little mini breaded things with bacon bits attached all around. Inside has no bacon but has cheese and little chunks of peppers – maybe jalepenos? Cheesy, spicy, supposed to be full of bacon, but lacking in bacon flavor.

Oh, Taco Bell: You had my hopes so high. Oh, the Internet: How you foster dreams in the afternoon, then crush them in the evening. This is the saddest day for lovers of bacon and Taco Bell since the Bacon Club Chalupa came out and disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Atomic Bacon Bombers appear far less atomic, bacony, explosive than advertised

  1. I saw one of those earlier today! Except it was floating in a clear case of formaldehyde and was labeled “polycystic kidney”….

  2. So weak. I totally write off anything from taco bell with seafood or bacon. I was going to say breakfast meat in general, but then I thought about sausage and I’d eat that from TB in a sec. So theyre basically little jalapeno poppers that they say have bacon? At least they didn’t release this travesty nationwide……yet.

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