I’m busy today, so in lieu of more content, enjoy this series of parody commercials from Mr. Show.

I’m pretty sure these came out in reaction to Hellman’s Dijonnaise, a product that combined mustard and mayonnaise in precisely the way demonstrated above, save the stripes. For a while, I’m pretty sure Dijonnaise was the only mustard you could get a Shea Stadium, which really sucked if you didn’t like mayonnaise.

Incidentally, Boar’s Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise is delicious, and should be excepted from any conversations making fun of mayonnaise/mustard hybrid products.

6 thoughts on “Finally

  1. daddy… i’m dying….


    globo-chem’s got a some quality commercials too. i’m pretty sold on the new ding dong king king sing song burger.

      • ever get into a conversation with someone about mr show and it ends up being 20 minutes of trading quotes? its like talking about the simpsons except only a small fraction of the same people know what youre talking about and everyone else gets super pissed off.

        how bout nother space beer, gleep glop!

  2. HBO in my estimation has only screwed up twice really bad. Letting Mr. Show go and not signing on make Mad Man.

    Mr. Show was a great show.

    • from what ive heard (basically just reading interviews of bob and david online) is that 4 seasons from HBO was being VERY generous, and Mr. Show never got any kind of ratings and it was kind of a mutual decision among everyone. being on at like 1230am on weekends probably didnt help but i know it wasnt an acrimonious split. bob odenkirk’s wife or someone wrote a book about it i should probably read.

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