The Fernanchise!

“We have a new leader in the Most Likely to Get Severely Injured During a Walk-Off HR Celebration contest.” – Mike Salfino.

Yeah, after what happened to Kendry Morales, watching Martinez’s teammates jump all over him like that is damn near terrifying. I was even scared watching him maneuver around the opposing players walking off the field.

Also, it’s awesome and hilarious that the mascots are a part of the walk-off celebration, especially since last year I spent about a half hour in the bowels of Coca Cola Field with the guys inside those mascots, and they were themselves awesome and hilarious. I’m not sure if the same fellas are in the suits this year, but here’s (a small fraction) of that, from June. Also, terrible hair day. Good lord man, pack some gel next time:

6 thoughts on “The Fernanchise!

  1. I think the teamate mobbing the guy is fine, slapping him on the head a s***, I dont find anything wrong with that. As long as they arent jumping on him.

    The Morales thing with him getting hurt I believe was due to the big jump onto the dish, not the teamate mauling him. So long as the guy gets to HP safely I dont see the harm in guys bashing him in the head over and over.

  2. Two clowns, your just missing Burkhardt and the guy with the posterboard telling you what the Mets want you to say.

  3. Two clowns is right but I thought it was good. Question Ted. How long did it take SNY to allow you to just be yourself? On Twitter, this site, and the videos, you are either cracking jokes or being sarcastic. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Im just wondering if SNY was always for it.

    • Hmm, good question. I don’t think it’s ever been a conscious thing. I’ve gradually found or been given opportunities to do more stuff throughout my involvement with the websites — first writing features, then a Mets column, then doing video, now this blog — and I imagine I’ve loosened up a bit with every step as I feel a little more comfortable in my employment.

      I could still stand to show a little more personality in some of the studio-based videos, I think, but that’s a different story.

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