Tell Mark Sanchez something he doesn’t know

In his on-air remarks, Sanchez joked that he’d gotten grief from teammates for his love of theater….

After engaging Sanchez in a bit of small talk, Chenoweth gave bystanders in the backstage lounge a good laugh as she walked away, exclaiming rather loudly, “and by the way, you’re hot!”

Gatecrasher, N.Y. Daily News.

How ’bout the Sanchise, pulling the old “jock with a sensitive side” bit, straight out of American Pie. Oh, your tough-guy teammates make fun of your for loving the arts? Pobrecito! You’ll just have to take comfort in the arms of all the lovestruck Broadway fans currently eating this up.

And Mark Sanchez knows he’s hot, Kristin Chenoweth. He’s human, after all. He saw that heartbeat commercial too.

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