Hi mom!

So while I was setting up Bob Ojeda’s SNY.tv chat last night, SNY’s Mets broadcast cut to Bob and I sitting in the studio getting prepared. We knew they might cut to us to promote the event so I wasn’t totally surprised, but no one told me they were about to cut to us right then. So you’ll note my initial shock when I notice myself on the monitor:

Keith was spot-on, incidentally. I was working as Bob’s caddy, so to speak. And while I’d prefer it if Keith mentioned me on-air to praise me as the greatest genius that ever walked the face of the earth and not to note a less glamorous aspect of my job, Keith Hernandez talked about me on TV, and that’s kind of awesome. Not trying to gloat or anything, but, you know, I’m a Mets fan and he’s Keith Hernandez.

If I knew that was going to happen when it did, I probably would have come up with something funnier than staring at the computer screen and masking my terror. Metal horns, maybe, or the sign of the Wu. Good lord, man, think of something.

8 thoughts on “Hi mom!

  1. That seemed like a terrible awkward situation. If they are going to put you on camera like that, cant the at least pimp you out in a nice Canali suit like the rest of the guys?

    I mean they do up these guys in the fancy wardrobe with the hair an makeup, then make you sit next to Bobby O in the outfit you have probably been wearing all day, seems unfair to me.

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