Melvin Mora!

Maybe my favorite Baseball Show ever? Melvin Mora, like I’ve said, was one of my favorite Mets in his brief tenure with the club. Our editors had to cut the part where he talked about his five 9-year-olds for length, so I’ll just write it: He told me they always demand to come with him when he plays in New York because they know it’s the city where their dad was a postseason hero. 

6 thoughts on “Melvin Mora!

  1. Wow, Ted, I’m not sure if Mora is generally like that or you should get the credit, but he really opened up there. Good work. Can’t wait for the Mejia video.

  2. I love, love, love this interview with Mora. I remember always kind of giggling when he was with the Mets as my Grandfather at the time always used to say Mora always looked like he was about to break out into tears at any moment. Not that he was sad…just the constant look on his face.

    Great stuff though, Ted. He just seems enthralled with his time in NY, despite making his career elsewhere. It’s nice to see someone who lived ’99 be as excited to recall those days as I am as a spectator.

  3. Great interview !
    So good to hear about someone who enjoyed his time and has such fond memories, super job getting him to open up !
    would have loved to hear him talk about his kids.
    Keep it up Ted !

  4. A guitarist in my old band used the stage name Melvin Moron, and he was totally blown away when I told him there was a baseball player called Melvin Mora. The fact that he was an ex-Met meant nothing to him sadly, but I could take heart from the coincidence.

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