What I’m doing tomorrow

I remember once, in college, a student trying to convince a professor to come to a club meeting. I don’t remember what club, though I recall it had some tenuous connection either to the subject of that class or one of the professor’s interests. In either way, the student said, “you should come, there’ll be free food.”

And the professor responded, “You know, someday you’ll get to the point when you’re no longer excited by free food.”

I chimed in that I hoped I never got to that point. And it still hasn’t happened.

So though what I’m doing tomorrow doesn’t necessarily align with the normal editorial thrust of TedQuarters, it is in keeping with just about everything I believe about taking advantage of the opportunities you’re granted to enjoy free food.

Sure, I’ve written almost nothing about tennis here, and actually less about tennis than I have about table tennis, but I would be doing a disservice to myself and the entire TedQuarters readership if I turned down the chance to attend the U.S. Open’s V.I.P. Tasting Preview event with executive chef Michael Lockard.

V.I.P. Like a straight-up baller.

The press release thing mentions gourmet sausages. I’m sorry; I’m not trying to brag. My job is f@#$ing awesome sometimes.

I’ll be around and blogging in the morning, then eating in the midday, then probably back blogging in the afternoon about all the eating I did.

2 thoughts on “What I’m doing tomorrow

  1. There are different “tiers” of free food.

    In college, free food usually meant bad pizza or some equivalent, so it’s easy to understand why the professor didn’t give a crap.

    It’s like someone telling you that there’s free beer, until you find out that that free beer is Pabst, and you decide to drink your own urine instead because it not only tastes better, but it may even have more alcohol in it.

    Gourmet sausages are clearly on a higher tier.

  2. I hope I never get so jaded that free food loses its appeal to me. Because, hey, free food.

    (I also hope at some point I find a way to score as much good free food as Ted, but that’s a separate issue altogether.)

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